SU-26 Stunt Foamy



Foam planes are great for beginners, but that's not what SU-26 is made for. It's a 100% aerobatic model capable of doing most of the classic and 3D maneuvers. The pilot needs to already have the basic flying skills before launching this little one in the air.

SU-26 is made of a 3mm foam with plywood reinforcements and should be covered with some colored duct tape or similar lightweight sticky tape. Such covering will make the plane stiffer while adding a few grams to the flying weight of the model.


This model features simple design, and straightforward building process a beginner can follow. That makes it a great step up from the trainer model, considering that the electronics may match as well.

The KIT contains ~60 pieces including laser-cut foam airframe panels, plywood reinforcement parts, pushrods and control horns. The duct tape is not provided with the kit leaving a variety of design options for the customer.

Technical Data

Wingspan - 937mm
Length - 848mm
Wing area - 18.4dm2
Flying weight - from 370g

Recommended Electronics
  • 500+g thrust brushless outrunner
  • ESC 15-20A
  • 4*9g servos or similar
  • 3S 800-1300mAh LiPo Battery
  • 10*5.5 prop or similar

The KIT Supplies

  • Foam parts
  • Plywood parts
  • Assembly manual
  • Decals
  • Accessories pack