Hawk DLG 1M

$200.00 - $270.00 Coming Soon

About Hawk

Hawk is a modern 1-meter DLG that is provided by Nikolay Gorban from High Quality with an exceptional flying performance for a very reasonable price.

The model is fully molded using high-quality materials. The fuse may have either a hatch canopy or a nose cone to access the electronics. The wing is offered in one Glass and two Carbon versions - regular and light.

The price of Hawk starts from $200 for the glass layup and $250-$270 for the carbon one. Shipping costs vary depending on the country, so please, submit the form by clicking the button below to get the custom quote.

How To Order

We will contact you after to specify the details of the model/parts and shipping, get model in stock and ship it right to your door.


The fuse of this model can be made as a combination of 2.4GHz friendly glass fiber on the front and carbon on the tail.

Regardless of the nose construction, the shape is 100% the same and designed to fit in all 4 servos in the pod. Considering the overall small size of the model, the pod has enough space for them, but you will need some basic building skills to put the model together.

The tail construction is very similar to the full-size DLGs with removable horizontal stabilizer for transportation or storage. All the parts are molded which ensures the shiny surfaces, exceptional stiffness, and light weight.

The wing construction features a solid CNC-cut foam core with glass or carbon fiber covering, depending on the layup. It comes almost-ready-to-go, with the pre-hinged ailerons so you will need just to install the launch peg and the aileron horns.

The model comes with a complete accessories pack including the launch peg, control horns, torque springs for tails, pull wires and a servo tray.

For more building tips, please, refer to the RC Groups Thread about Hawk DLG

Technical Data

Wingspan - 1000mm
Wing area - 10.9 dm2
Length - 717mm
Flying weight - from 120g
Wing airfoil - AG46
Recommended CG - 54-56 mm from the leading edge on the root chord
Controls - Ailerons, Elevator, Rudder

Hawk is available in 3 layup options - Glass (empty weight~86g), Regular Carbon (~82g), Light Carbon (~73g), and in 6 color options (Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue, Pink).

By default, the Hawk Fuse construction features the hatch canopy cover for the fast interior access. However, for the Carbon layup versions, you may also choose it to be built with the nose cone. The model with the nose cone is named as IAGO (+$10)